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When you are out networking and meeting new people, the business cards and information you receive can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in new business, new relationships and referrals.

How many times have you gone to a networking event only to come home with a stack of cards of people you can’t remember, you don’t know what you told them you would do to follow-up or worse yet, they end up in a pile where you find them days, weeks or months later and have no idea who the card belongs to, where you met that person and why you have the card in the first place.

This is the typical scenario of so many so small business owners and entrepreneurs who are out networking and do not have a system for the business cards they receive.  One of the main reasons this happens to even the best of networkers is that there is no tool small enough to put in a pocket or purse where you can put the business card, make a few notes, have a pen handy and a blank business card in the event that the person you meet does not have one.  The solution is finally here: The Biz Card Caddy.